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Oct 20th, 2019 / Guest guitar player Jim Skinger & Friends / UU Church Brewster 3pm

We invite you to join our great list of musicians and our featured musician guests on October 20th, 2019 / 3pm, guitar player Jim Skinger& Friends: Vicki Goldsmith – Flute, Beverly DiPaolo – Oboe, Christian Holleck – Cello at First Parish Brewster UU Church.

Collaborative pianist of the day will be pianist Lucy Banner.

Contact us to sign up or request rehearsal.

About the Program:

In the early 70’s I had the great privilege to study at the master classes in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, a place of historical importance for which art and music played a major role as early as the 12th century.

No wonder the Great guitarist Andres Segovia chose this place for guitarists to study. Among Segovia’s many achievements was establishing the guitar as a major concert instrument and calling on major composers to create a concert repertoire.

The composer F. Moreno Torroba was one of the earliest to answer the call. He wrote many works for the guitar including the “Torija” which I’m playing today. Torija is the name of a Spanish town and castle

It was during this time that I met English composer John Duarte in London where he invited me to study with him. What began as a casual meeting became a 30 + year friendship that inspired me to teach and compose for the guitar. Duarte’s English Suite No. 4 was one of a number of English Suites he has written, Suite No. 1 having been dedicated to Andre Segovia on the occasion of Segovia’s marriage, so now we come full circle.

Vicki and I performed Suite No 4 on a number of occasions, including at the Brewster Library and the Brewster Unitarian Church.

I love the Oboe and wanted to write a piece for Oboe and Guitar. I’m delighted that Beverly is performing with me today. Writing for this combination of instruments began in New York when friends of mine performed on a “Visions” a CD we produced. I began writing original works for the group.

Winter is the title of the 3rd in a series I’m working on and is the first to be written here on the Cape.


Beverly DiPaolo studied music at Moravian College and Montclair State University. She performs with several ensembles on Cape Cod including the Cape Community Orchestra, Harwich Town Band, First Parish Brewster Ensemble and several recorder groups. She teaches vocal and adaptive music at Nauset Regional Middle School.


Vicki Goldsmith most enjoys playing with small ensembles, such as today, and with choral groups, especially Outer Cape Chorale, and her own First Parish Brewster choir. She had the good fortune to study with Katherine Hoover as a teenager, and has loved her lessons , as an adult, with Bruce Abbott, Mariellen Sears and LeeAnn McKenna on Cape Cod. She retires at the end of December from a 35 career dedicated to creating affordable housing, and looks forward to making more music! She plays a conventional silver flute, with and “UpRite” Drelinger headjoint, allowing for a vertical instrument position.


Christian Holleck loves chamber music and has attended numerous chamber music camps.

Whether a Debussy piano trio, a commissioned piece by local composer Richard Winchell or a baroque Trio Sonata, chamber music allows for unique conversation and communication among equals.

Christian chose the cello at age seven because he liked the sound and it was bigger than he was.

Christian studied at the Rivers Music School in Weston and later played with New England Conservatory Youth Orchestras, the Swarthmore College Symphony, Princeton University Orchestra and the Pontiac Oakland Symphony in Michigan. He performs regularly with the Chatham Music Club and at St. Peter's Lutheran Church where he serves as Co-Pastor with his wife Tiffany. Their daughters are studying flute, clarinet, and piano.


Jim Skinger has had a lifelong love affair with the guitar as a teacher, performer, and composer. He has taught guitar at some of the leading colleges and universities in the US, establishing guitar programs at Clark University, MA, Marywood College, PA and SUNY Colleges in NY. Always concerned about the role of music for young people, Jim has been equally committed to developing music programs in local schools.

As a performer, he has performed twice at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Royal Festival Hall, London.

He has performed in numerous countries including Austria, Italy, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland and Belarus. Other performances have included concertos; Rodrigo’s Aranjuez with the Chappaqua, Chamber Orchestra, New York and the Vivaldi concerto in D with the Scranton orchestra of Pennsylvania.

Jim’s Jazz ensemble “JADE” is one of the most popular groups in the New York/Connecticut area.

As a noted composer, Jim has had more than sixteen compositions published in five countries, including works written for guitar with other instruments, most importantly with a particular emphasis on the guitar playing an equal role in ensembles Jim has recently finished his concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra.

Currently, he has released his fourth CD Visions. Every CD has contained some original compositions but the third and fourth CD’s are entirely devoted to his own compositions.

In August 2014, Jim performed in trebic, Czech Republic. Each year the festival of Jewish Culture is held celebrating the German and Czech cultures of the region. Jim also performed at the International Guitar Festival held in Brno. The noted Czech jazz guitarist Milan Kashuba invited Jim perform with him as well.

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