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Classical Campfire / June 21, 2015

REPORT - Open Mic Classical, June 21st, 2015 - Impressions of a 17 year old performer at Open Mic Classical

And then, you step into the light. You are blinded by the reflectors. Or, by the incredible amount of people gathering in the huge concert hall. Or, by the pressing presence of the few distant relatives willing to state that their own child is already playing full concertos. So, you just block out everything, a ”wall” appears between you and the audience, and you start to play to the great nothing.

And it might turn out to be an amazing performance.

But, you see, this “step into the light” is the step that’s missing from (or, is rather a plus) Open Mic Classical. Here you don’t “step” into anywhere: you really remain with the listeners. And there’s no need for a “wall” to block out people.

Because here you can collect the smiles personally after your piece. And before. And should you dare to peek away from your music stand, I guarantee (guess what?) they’ll be filling the room.

It’s like a classical campfire - without the (instrument-ruining) cold and humidity. (Impressions by Anna Bartha Veres)

Thank you to our special guest artist, saxophone player Bruce Abbott, who performed with our own collaborative pianist Lucy Banner, and donated their time to make our event even more special.

Having a collaborative pianist on site ready to accompany our performers makes us unique.

Thank you to local composer Canary Burton for her cd donations she made for our raffle prizes, and for her presence.

Special thanks to our collaborative pianist Lucy Banner.

Thank you for the First Parish Brewster UU Church Brewster Music Comity members.

Thank you First Parish Brewster UU Church for the space and special thanks to the public for the enthusiasm, support, and the donations which helps us keep our event free.

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