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3rd Sunday of the Month / 3pm

(sign up in email or on the day of the event until 2:30pm, rehearse on request with pianist)

Location: different Cape locations (see each individual event)

Admission: $15 suggested donation

Open Mic Classical is a non-profit organization 501 (c) (3). 

Your donations are tax deductible. 

Open Mic Classical is an intergenerational open mic event for classical musicians of all ages, and levels, serving classical musicians, and classical music lovers. 

A pianist serves as an accompanist to anyone who signs up to play, and we feature a musician, or a chamber music group with a longer program each month. Our events include interactive lecture elements. Our mission is to help classical musicians from both amateur and professional backgrounds perform, network and form a community, to promote classical music by providing an affordable classical music event to all. Musicians with disabilities have been accommodated, and are welcome to play at our events. We don't discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, age. 

We are proud to participate in the Card to Culture program, a collaboration between Mass Cultural Council and the Department of Transitional Assistance, the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Nutrition Program, and the Massachusetts Health Connector, by broadening accessibility to cultural programming. 

EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare cardholders enter free to all Open Mic Classical events. See the complete list of participating organizations offering EBTWIC, and ConnectorCare discounts.

We design our events for: 

1) the surprisingly large number of underserved amateur classical musician, who otherwise might not get a

chance to perform;

2) young musicians who's performing opportunities are limited;

3) self-taught musicians, looking for guidance & an accompanist; 

4) musicians with disabilities (ex. cochlear implant, blind, deaf etc.)

5) composers eager to show off their new compositions;

6) professional musicians who enjoy the low-key performing experience;

7) orchestra and choir members who would like to play solo gaining a different kind of stage experience;

We welcome all classical music programs, instrumentalists and singers, and promote underserved groups and instruments like :

1) Women composers

2) African American composers

3) Native American composers

4) Composers from other underrepresented races and groups

5) Non-traditional instruments which are more unusual in the classical music concert halls: nyckelharpa, chromatic harmonica, ukulele, 20 string harp guitar etc.


An “Open Mic” is for popular music only, right? 



We are bringing you Open Mic Classical, a new intergenerational experience in classical music, to help our community's musicians share their music with a friendly, and supportive audience.

Are you a doctor with a classical horn habit, an orchestra member who misses playing in small ensembles, or a choir singer who would like his voice to be heard? Are you an aspiring young student who doesn't ever get a chance to play with an accompanist, but would like to develop your performing skills? Or a composer eager to try out your newest work?


Do you have a cochlear implant, are you in a wheelchair, on crutches, or a knee scooter, or you want to play with your service dog on stage?

Dust off your flugelhorn, oil your keys, and come share your talent in an intimate and casual atmosphere.

Classical musicians of all ages and levels are welcome. 

Pianist on request is available to accompany you.

“Open Mic Classical” was co-founded by clarinetist Mónika Woods (winner of the Cape Symphony's 2013 Soloist Competition) and amateur violist and sculptor Robert Marcus, with Lucy Banner and Elizabeth Tipton as collaborative pianists.

Board of Directors:

Monika Woods, President

Elizabeth Tipton, Secretary

Vicky Longo, Treasurer

Whether you are an amateur musician, performing artist, fan of classical music, volunteer, venue or business seeking to sponsor a cause, please contact us. 

Radio Interviews:

To listen to radio interview about Open Mic Classical aired February 18th, 2016 on mvyradio (88.7FM)


To listen to radio interview, about Open Mic Classical, with co-founder Monika Woods by Dan Richards, aired April 10th, 2017 on WCAI radio 90.1FM 

To listen to radio interview with co-founders Monika Woods and Bob Marcus, and local musician Christian Holleck on WOMR radio 92.1FM aired on May 15th, 2017 

Open Mic Classical on Arts Week with WOMR Radio Host Candace Hammond on September 28th, 2017

Co-founder Monika Woods, and pianist Ana Glig (who was our feature guest performer on Jan 21st, 2018) talking with Felice Coral WOMR host from Caffe Classicale about their musical background on March 8th, 2018 


Pianist / composer Michael Holt (OMC guest feature June 21st, 2020) and his interesting story on how he became a composer, with Felice Coral WOMR radio host

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WOMR Host Felice Coral with composer Michael Holt
00:00 / 21:28

Tibor Molnar first violinist of the Tiberius String Quartet (OMC guest feature on July 19th, 2020) talking about his Eastern European roots, and the European string quartet traditions, in an interview with WOMR radio host Felice Coral

Tiberius Quartetwith WOMR Host Felice Coral
00:00 / 20:33

Viola player Christopher Jenkins representing Linking Legacies as part of OMC's Black History Month on February 20th, 2022, in an interview with WOMR host Felice Coral

Black History Month - Linkig LegaciesChris Jenkins
00:00 / 22:06

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Building our Open Mic Classical community:
Monika Woods 
Co-founder, President, Executive Director

Happy to be sharing her vision of creating an intergenerational open community in a supportive environment to all classical music lovers, inspiring 'blue zone' communities. To learn more about her visit:

Bob Marcus
Co-founder, Vice-President Emeritus

Co-founder, co-host, sculptor, amateur violist finding a new expression in building an Open Mic Classical community through his love of connecting through story telling and jokes.

Ellen Adamson
Former Community Outreach, Co-Host

Singer, cellist, Nyckelharpa player, and an Open Mic Classical enthusiast. She was a big part of our organization by helping to create connections, and sharing her love of classical music. We thank her for her amazing work.

Elizabeth Tipton
Secretary / Piano Accompanist

Pianist, teacher and Open Mic Classical supporter sharing her love of classical music with her ever passionate piano playing and personality.

Lucy Banner
Piano Accompanist

Supporting each performer with her extraordinary musical talent, and many years of experience as a piano wizard, and accompanist.

Sylvia Karkush Furash
Piano Accompanist

Strong advocate of the arts and their connection to one another, her artistic lifestyle reflects a warm personality as a pianist, teacher, and Open Mic Classical supporter.

Ana Glig
Piano Accompanist

Pianist, teacher, brings her Georgian roots to Open Mic Classical.  Ana enjoys  the synthesis of various art forms, combining music with her personal drawings as well as art works by the famous visual artists.

Barb Lambdin
Viola Player, OMC Greeter

One of of our door greeters is viola player, Suzuki teacher, Barb Lambdin, giving her support and energy to the Open Mic Classical community. A noble and altruistic spirit she is.

Donna Pihl
Singer, OMC Greeter

First to greet you with her radiant smile and personality, her warm voice used to sing arias and love tunes of famous classical composers until she retired as a music teacher.

Canary Burton

After 20 years as a radio host, she has recently given up her spot behind the mic in favor of composing and writing Bird Songs inspired by her garden. Her CD donations to Open Mic Classical are a highlight.


Thank you to the people, and organizations that support, and have supported us, or sponsored us over the years!                                  


This program is supported in part by a grant from the Brewster Cultural Council, Chatham Cultural Council, Harwich Cultural Council, Mid-Cape Cultural Council, Orleans Cultural Council, Provincetown Cultural Council, Sandwich Cultural Council, Truro Cultural Council, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

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Our Open Mic Classical Online project is:

Supported by Mass Cultural Council Cultural Investment Portfolio Projects Program FY21 and FY22, and FY23.

Supported by the Mass Cultural Council Cultural Sector Recovery for Organizations Grant FY2023.

Sponsored by Arts Foundation of Cape Cod 2023, 2024.


Open Mic



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