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Clarinetist Monika Woods, and daughter Zsoka Woods part of the WILPF Women’s International Day Celeb

Celebrate Women’s International Day with clarinetist Monika Woods and her daughter, who will be part of this Women's International Day Celebration organized by WILPF. Their first invitation as a mommy daughter duet, playing on a couple of different instruments. Invitation came after someone heard them play at Open Mic Classical. We are so happy that through Open Mic Classical we connect our community!!!

We hope you’ll join members of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom of Cape Cod as they present “Empowering Children through Books and Activism,” featuring Lauren Wolk, author of “Wolf Hollow” winner of a 2017 Newbery Honor, the 2017 New England book Award, and a 2017 Jane Addams Children Book Award Honor. The event will be fun and inspiring! Refreshments will be served. The admission is free but donations to WILPF will be appreciated.

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