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A New Year with Open Mic Classical

Open Mic Classical starting a New Year

Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three. ~Confucius


Our most recent Open Mic Classical (Jan 17th) was the epitome of why we launched Open Mic Classical in the first place. For that reason, we are so so so grateful to ALL who came, and for the Brewster, Harwich and Orlenas Cultural Councils for financial support.

It was truly folks of all ages and levels coming together and sharing classical music with, in some cases, many preparatory rehearsals and, in other cases, no rehearsals at all!

Seventh grade clarinetist (and a student of mine) Lydia Holleck serenaded us wonderfully with some of Mozart's Magic Flute. (She was not even our youngest performer!) Her cellist father (a local minister), Christian Nicely Holleck, and pianist Anne Perrault were our features. They skillfully wove through Vivaldi, Bach, Rachmaninov and Casals. Christian eloquently shared some fascinating info about the pieces.

I was so happy to hear the so familiar European “bravos” coming from the public.

As a testament to the fellowship of our event, guitarist Jim Skinger (who washed upon our Cape shores just four months ago) found himself on stage with fellow guitarist John Dirac and, as their very first time playing together, delightfully plucked through some lovely Brazilian folk songs.

Other highlights were: my 6 year old daughter Zsoka inspired by her Hungarian heritage, and especially by the so admired clarinetist Lydia Holleck, played two songs on her recorder; theatrical improviser Kelly Depin with Eli Woods, pianist Carol Davis deftly playing Scriabin, and John Dirac mixing in some lovely Renaissance.

So to all: thanks again / please come again / please spread the word from valley to hilltop so our wonderful cape classical community can continue to evolve and intertwine, and inspire eachother.

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