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Of so few years, so much talent! Young bucks James Dellamorte and Andrew Juan rocked out at last Sun

WOW! What a lovely open mic classical we just had.


Before I give you the play-by-play, first let me say how pleased I was to participate in an open mic classical that is truly back and in full force after a summer hiatus, and how very very pleased I was to share the delightful afternoon with the wonderful performers and the caring supportive audience that attended. The friendly and lovely Open Mic Classical Cape Cod continues. Friendship and continuity.

Yes indeed, friendship and continuity.

Playwrite George Bernard Shaw and the acerbic Winston Churchill once had this witty exchange on BOTH of those subjects:

[Shaw to Churchill:] "I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend... if you have one."

[Winston Churchill's response:] "Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second . . . if there is one."

I guess my point is, open mics don't always continue. Enthusiasm can dwindle. Shows, ideas, dreams close up shop and hit the dusty road. But thanks to all of you, classical music here in Brewster by the people for the people continues to grow and evolve, while adding magical new dimensions every show. So thank you thank you thank you. And come on by to the next one too! And tell some friends!

Last Sunday, featured performer Sylvia Karkus Furash not only wonderfully and virtuosically "radiated the 88" (aka: performed piano), but also shared a presentation with stimulating insights on Fanny Mendelssohn, a soft-spoken but wonderful female composing voice in an era and genre dominated by men.

Chuck Ross's plaintive and beautiful tenor voice serenaded both us and the magical acoustics of the beautiful UU church with an Aria from Handel's Messiah. He was delightfully accompanied by our house accompanist Lucy Banner, who continues to make herself available prior to open mic start times for people who want to practice beforehand.

My composer husband Eli Woods did an improv experiment based on the audience suggestions of "sky" "potato" and "rain" and then accompanied my clarinet on some high and low-key Satie.

Young bucks James Dellamorte and Andrew Juan of deceptively tender years and impressive musical piano chops wowed us with some Schumann, Brahms and Mendelssohn. It was wonderful that these teenage boys not only played with such confidence, but also impressed us with their worldly public speaking.

So, to recap, open mic classical is back in full force! I encourage you not to miss the next one on Sunday Oct 18. Tell your friends and please help this wonderful public event continue to thrive and flourish.

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