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New Stories at Open Mic Classical / Apr 19, 2015

REPORT - Open Mic Classical, 2nd edition, April 19th, 2015

As our numbers are growing, and our Open Mic Classical community is growing, new stories are arising.

From the the Bossa Nova player guitarist who practices classical guitar as a "meditation",

to the pianist teacher who knows that performing is an important part of being an exceptional teacher,

to the returning amazing and brave solo flute player,

to the unique and exceptional classical ukulele trio (WHAT...??),

to the student pianist who is eager to play in front of a public and her teacher,

to the multi-talented musician who for a change (and to confuse me?) performs on piano (not cello),

to the composer / pianist who inspired by our event comes up with new ideas on the spot for one of his commissioned pieces he is working on,

to the Father and Daughter duet, who walking by our street sign decided to literally undust and pick up their instruments after many many years,

to the special Father - Son / Teacher - Son performance touching our hearts.

14 performers, 1 featured guest artist, 14 outstanding performances:

Tad Price (guitar), Liz Browne (piano), Vicky Goldsmith (flute solo),

Ukulele Trio consisting of Judy Jollet, George Anzivino, Kate Christian,

Carol Davis (piano), Lisa Gross (piano "not cello"),

Ashley Freeman and Bruce Freeman from Worcester NY (clarinet and violin duo), Eli Woods (pianist, composer - improvisations),

Monika Woods and Elizabeth Tipton (clarinet and piano),

Victor Flonta (5 years old violinist playing with his father and teacher, Dan Flonta and Elizabeth Tipton on piano).

Thank you to our special guest artist, violinist Dan Flonta, who performed "Meditation" from Thais by J. Massenet with our own collaborative pianist Elizabeth Tipton, and donated their time to make our event even more special.

Having a collaborative pianist on site ready to accompany our performers makes us unique.

Thank you to local composer Canary Burton for her cd donations she made for our raffle prizes, and for her presence and her feedback.

She wrote to me in an email: "What a success! I'm impressed! You opened an untapped need in this community. I'm thrilled to be a tiny part of it. So many good performers...."

Special thanks to our collaborative pianist Elizabeth Tipton.

Thank you for the First Parish Brewster UU Church Brewster Music Comity members: Donna Pihl (retired music teacher) and Linda Delorey (singer), who so delightfully greeted our guests at the door, and Dave Atkin our amazing photographer.

Thank you First Parish Brewster UU Church for the space and special thanks to the public for the enthusiasm, support, and the donations which helps us keep our event free.

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