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You can too start music at any age / Mar 15, 2015

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I hope you had a Happy Easter and Passover!

I feel very lucky that I had the chance to celebrate both this year, as I love learning about different cultures. In Hungarian tradition we make beautiful eggs, with a so called wax technique, to share it with the boys on Easter Monday when they come to hose the girls with buckets of water (this year with snow :-)

In our last newsletter we started to present you some of our youngest performers from our 1st Edition Open Mic we started on March 15th at First Parish Brewster.

Today we would like to share with you the story of a performer, who

picked up clarinet in her sixties, and three years later she is playing at our Open Mic Classical with so much passion and musicality.

What an inspiration!

I think we can all learn from her story, which she shares with us here:

"I am a nurse practitioner. I stopped clarinet in high school, and took it up 3 years ago when the call came for people to pick up their high school instruments and try again. I found complete joy in relearning music at the age of 60. Recent studies show playing music develops the brain in children, and improves memory in older adults. Always good for a sense of well being!"

Meet Judy Jollett, performing clarinet at our March Edition Open Mic Classical, and stay tuned for more information about our April's Edition special guest and featured performer.

Are you a doctor with a classical horn habit, or an orchestra member who misses playing in small ensembles? Are you an aspiring young student who doesn't ever get a chance to play with a pianist, but would like to develop your performing skills? Or a composer eager to try out your newest work?

Dust off your flugelhorn, oil your keys, and come share your talent in an intimate and casual atmosphere.

Admission is free, and classical musicians of all ages and levels are welcome. Pianist on site is available to accompany you.

“Open Mic Classical” is brought to you by clarinetist Mónika Woods(winner of the Cape Symphony's 2013 Soloist Competition) and amateur violist and sculptor Robert Marcus representing First Parish Brewster,with Lucy Banner and Elizabeth Tipton as collaborative pianists.


3rd Sunday of the Month

February through June

Next one: April 19th, 2015 at 3:00 pm

(sign up at: 2:45 pm, rehearse with pianist 2:00 pm)


Brewster Meeting House (First Parish Church, 1969 Main Street or Rt. 6A, Brewster, MA)

Admission: FREE (donations for featured guest musicians accepted)

Whether you are an amateur musician, performing artist, fan of classical music, volunteer, venue or business seeking to sponsor a cause, please contact us.

For more information please contact Mónika Woods (web: Ph: (774)-353-0244), or Bob Marcus (Ph:(508)-945-0832 ).

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